Vardar Tannery Machines
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The great advantage of this machine is its ability to ‘open up’ wooled skins whether dyed or undyed.
All kinds of sheep fur and game animals are suitable for ironing.

Heat indicator on the collector temperature is homogeneous and showes the value of the actual heat. Optunally produces as 400 mm.




Working Width

600 mm



Approximate Heating Power

60-120 deri

Maximum Heating Power

13 kw

Cylinder Driving Power

5,5 kw

Exhauster Driving Power

1,1 kw

Compressed Air Pressure

2/5 kg/cm2

Compressed Air Consumption

40/120 l.p.m.

Net Weight

860 kg

Total Installed Power

19,6 kw


1450*1580*1250 mm