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   Vardar Tannery Machinery has been established in 1996 by fifteen year experience. Secondhand machines have reconditioned and repaired in the begining years of the company.

  Today, vardar Tannery Machinery stil reconditions secondhand machines there with, manufactures new tannery machines and develops private automation tannery systems by 35-year experience and knowledge. Its range of quality products contains all machines for all leather processing stage. 60% of manufactured machines is exported to whole world.


   Founder and CEO of Vardar Tannery Machinery, Yavuz Vardar has atarted his machinery career in a tannery machinery as an apprentice in 1983. He established the company, called surname of him, with his fifteen-year knowledge. Today Vardar tannery Machinery, which is associated with quality and reability, exports 60% of manufactured tannery machines, from Turkey to whole world such as Russia, Israel, Iran, Maleysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Romania, Kenya, Bulgaria, South Africa, Senegal, Italy, USA, Greece, Pakistan and New Zealand.”

   Yavuz Vardar ; “We would like to work with our customers for many years, not only for once. With this manufacturing vision, we are manufacturing quality, durable and strong machines with adorable price. We are trust our machines due to our 35-year experience in this sector.”


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